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The Quran is my solution

The Quran is my solution

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The book "The Quran is My Solution" offers a deep and personal exploration of how Islamic faith can guide and transform our lives. Through intimate reflections and inspiring teachings, the author provides unique perspectives on spirituality, morality, and resilience in a modern world. This book invites sincere introspection and a deeper connection with the sacred word of the Quran, thereby offering a path to inner peace and spiritual well-being.

This document is very important to you and your family.

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Once you have made payment, how is delivery done?

As soon as you complete your payment, a download link for your book is sent at the same time to your email inbox and also in your payment confirmation message.

I don't understand Arabic. Will I be able to use the document?

The explanations are in French and even the verses or names of God or salats ala Nabi are translated into phonetics

For payment, can I use mobile money services?

You can also pay by Orange money or by Wave on this number (00221) 778044789 then you send us a massage by  whatsapp or by email ( to confirm your payment.

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Yes you can contact him by whatsapp from this number +221778044789 or by email

If I want to order 3 or more documents can I benefit from a reduction?

If you want to order 03 books at the same time, we offer you a 20% reduction.

If your order exceeds 03 pounds, you will have a 40% discount

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If I lose one or more documents already ordered, how can I recover them?

If you lose your books already ordered, let us know by whatsapp or email. We will send you all the books at no extra cost

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